Recovery Enhanced Medicine Institute

The Recovery Enhanced Medicine Institute, REMI, is a multimodal treatment center for  the treatment of the chronic pain experience and opioid related disorders. Often traditional pain management practices turn to high dose traditional opioid pain medications after interventional options such as surgery or injections have failed.  Unfortunately research has indicated that with time traditional opioids often lose their effect and create a range of serious adverse effects including accidental overdose and opioid use disorder (previously called opioid addiction or dependence).

REMI is a non-interventional pain management clinic that offers state-of-the art, evidence-based treatments for those suffering from chronic pain and/or Opioid Related Disorders (ORD). ORD is a term that is non-stigmatizing and includes pain related opioid use disorder (PROUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD).

A PROUD in chronic pain patients is characterized by:

  • chronic use of a high dose opioid with inadequate pain relief 
  • unsatisfactory functioning even with high doses of medication
  • poor quality of life with loss of enjoyment, depression or anxiety
  • risks and adverse effects of opioids outweighing clinical benefit

Opioid use in chronic pain can at times lead to an opioid use disorder (OUD).  The older terms for this condition were opioid misuse, opioid abuse, opioid dependence or opioid addiction.  These terms were often confused and poorly understood and lead to stigmatization of person's suffering from the condition.

An OUD is diagnosed when there is:

  • a degree of loss of control of the amount or frequency of opioids used
  • consequences that range from mild  to severe resulting from the use of opioids 

Many with ORD suffer with both PROUD and OUD factors. The Recovery Enhanced Medicine Institute offers solutions for this suffering.

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